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Turning Interest Into Action

We are a group of healthcare professionals in Hong Kong who are interested in Motivational Interviewing (MI). We started out as a mutual learning community and, when we met, we had also been gradually exploring how a local MI platform could be helpful for gathering people with similar vision to grow in MI together. After a year of hard work, the non-profit Chinese Association of Motivational Interviewing (CAMI) Limited, being the first association of MI in Chinese societies, was founded and incorporated in late 2014. We are officially granted by the Inland Revenue Department of the Hong Kong Government to be a charitable organization with effect from 9 November 2015. Within spirits of generosity and enthusiasm, we strongly believe this platform belongs to all and humbly welcome you to support and join us.


Words from Our Honorary Advisors

Warm congratulations from both of us on the founding of the Chinese Association of Motivational Interviewing (CAMI)!  It is true that motivational interviewing (MI) does not belong to any particular culture, or indeed to any individuals.  Long ago we made the decision that we would not try to restrict or control the use of MI, and we are pleased that it is now being applied in so many different professions, settings, nations and cultures on every continent.

    Across all these adaptations there is a characteristic underlying spirit of partnership, acceptance and compassion that seeks to evoke each person’s own wisdom and motivation.  It is the opposite of pretending to be the expert on someone else’s life.  The same applies across cultures.  MI does not say to a person or culture, “This is how you should live your life.”  Around the world there are large differences in how people talk to and negotiate with each other about change, and therefore particular practices within MI will require adaptation by those who live in and understand the culture.  What we hope will remain consistent is deep, curious listening that respects each person’s own wisdom and ability to change.

    In this spirit, CAMI is a vehicle to make MI more freely available within Chinese societies.  CAMI exists to promote understanding and good practice of MI; not to own, control, or limit its use.  It is about giving MI away rather than trying to profit personally or corporately from it.  In this way CAMI represents at an organizational level the same way of being that is found in the practice of MI itself.

William R. Miller, Ph.D.

Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D.




March 5, 2017

Thanks for the effort of our MITI Coding Interest Group,

the translated HK version of MITI 4.2.1 is available for download!

Please follow the link HERE.

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